Boody’s Been Spotted! Here’s What 5 of Our Favorite Websites Are Saying

Boody’s Been Spotted! Here’s What 5 of Our Favorite Websites Are Saying

People are talking! Boody is getting major press coverage from some of our favorite websites. From the new-to-the-scene (and the red carpet!) Lyolyte Racerback bra to Boody classics like the Boyleg Brief and Full Brief, everyone is on board with our message of sustainability and comfort. And, if you didn’t think Billie Eilish and Jane Goodall could be mentioned in the same blog post, think again…


Travel and Leisure Celebrity Approved Bralette


Travel + Leisure | “People Say This Celeb-approved Bralette 'Fits Like a Dream' — and It's Only $27”

We’re big believers that underwire has no place in the air or on the road and, now, Travel + Leisure has put their support behind that motto, too. They rave about the Lyolyte Racerback Bra as “so comfortable that you might even forget you're wearing it.” Describing it as the ideal bralette for everything from lifting luggage into an overhead bin to hailing a cab, this popular travel publication touts the bralette for its eco-friendly materials, supportive construction, and silky-smooth feel.

And, yes, they’ve let the cat out of the bag: Billie Eilish was spotted wearing this fan favorite bralette at the 2022 Grammys, which leads us to…


Billie Eilish is obsessed with this $27 Cooling Bra Totally the Bomb


Totally the Bomb | Billie Eilish Is Obsessed with This $27 Cooling Bra And Now I Want One

The writers at Totally the Bomb love dressing like celebs…but they don’t always love the price tag. Lucky for them, the Lyolyte Racerback Bra is what we’d call an affordable luxury. They write, “You can pick up this super comfortable bra for only $27. Can you believe it is so inexpensive?!?”

That’s right. A bra that costs less than $30 made its red carpet debut at this year’s Grammys. And you too can have the same cooling, sustainable, oh so comfortable look.


Who What Wear - The best underwear brands according to fashion editors


Who What Wear | The Best Underwear Brands, According to Fashion Editors

Any fashion editor will tell you, your clothes only look as good as the undergarments underneath. That’s why Who What Wear went straight to the experts to find the best underwear brands around. Kat Collings, Creative Director and Editor in Chief of Who What Wear is a big fan of the seamless boyleg briefs that have earned a spot in underwear drawers across the globe.

Collings says, "The number one quality I look for in underwear is if I can comfortably walk around with it staying in place (aka underwear that isn't prone to wedgies). My current favorite is Boody's boyshorts. The extra coverage means they're incredibly comfortable. Plus, the material is made of breathable and eco-friendly bamboo."


The Guardian - You wouldn't expect Jane Goodall to be fronting a campaign for underwear


The Guardian | Ethical pitch: ‘You wouldn’t expect Jane Goodall to be fronting a campaign for underwear’

When Dr. Jane Goodall fronts an underwear campaign, it gets attention! Which is exactly what we wanted. Sure, Boody Australia could have worked with any celebrity or influencer, but we wanted to stick to our roots and our mission to do better for the planet. Goodall aligns with everything Boody stands for — and she had a great sense of humor while standing with the Boody brand.

In the article, the writer recounts, ‘“She had a laugh about it, made a few jokes about how funny it was that she’d be out there with underwear models around her,” says Roy Leibowitz, one of the campaign’s creative directors. “She’s so professional, it just seemed to come easy.”’

And, in a fitting move for both a sustainable brand and environmentalist icon, Goodall’s fee was paid directly to the Jane Goodall Institute, which not only protects her beloved chimpanzees, but inspires people to conserve the natural world around us.


Cosmpolitan - 40 of the Best Underwear brands your booty deserves


Cosmopolitan | 40 of the Best Underwear Brands Your Booty Deserves

“Their celeb-loved bra is a hit, which means that the underwear is probs just as stellar, too,” says Cosmopolitan. We can verify that this is 100% correct! Cosmo’s writers featured the seamless Full Brief, which has been a Boody customer favorite for years now. Trust us, once you try on a pair, these are the only ones you’ll want on your booty.

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