About Us

Local General Store is proudly Canadian.


Purveyors of exceptional, sustainable goods that are safe for you, your families and the world we live in.

We want you to feel like you are shopping in your community. Outstanding customer service, accountability and product knowledge are important to us. When you have a question, you will get an honest answer from a real person with product experience.

We believe that there are products available that can have a maximum impact on our lives while having a minimum impact on the environment. We like to use the zero-waste principle to look for high quality sustainable products, 6 of the key aspects include: Reusability, durability, the Sustainability of the item's materials, minimal packaging, composability or biodegradability and, of course, recyclability!

When we choose to carry a product line, we are not only looking for the sustainability factor but for the products to be exceptional in their own right. It’s important that the products’ efficacy or uniqueness is what you see and experience first, whether it’s how it feels on your skin or it’s superb functionality.

Our passion is working with makers, producers and manufacturers that are creating products that are changing the perception of what natural, eco-conscious products can achieve.

If you have any questions or comments about the products we carry, the site or the service, please contact us. We value your feedback.

Thank you for visiting Local General Store, we are excited to serve you.