How to use Zip Top Containers

How to use Zip Top Containers

Endless Ways to Use Your Zip Tops

We set out to create a better, more eco friendly way to store food. With Zip Top’s unique features like a flat base, open top, and extreme durability, we found they are useful for so much more than food storage!

We put together a list of ways to use Zip Tops to get your creativity going.



Zip Top containers are perfect for saving leftovers in a neat, space-efficient way. When you're ready to eat, the whole container can be warmed up safely in your microwave. 

Meal Prep

Cut veggies, fruit, and other ingredients to store for later use. Meal prep your lunches and dinners in your Zip Top containers.


Zip Top's sturdy flat bases allow for liquid to be stored in an upright position, which makes marinating and storing less stressful! Simply pour the marinade into the container and set meat, veggies, or anything you like inside and close. Perfect for easy, overnight marinating in the refrigerator, without having to stress about potential leaks or spills. 


Our various sizes and shapes of containers are great to use for mixing or separating ingredients for later combination. 

On the Go

Take food on the go! The cups and baby snack containers conveniently fit in cup holders. (Note: we do not recommend taking liquids on the go).

PRO TIP: Take to restaurants to bring home leftovers.

Sauces, Soups, and Other Liquids

Store your liquids easily in the fridge or freezer! Zip Tops stand upright and will prevent spills and leaks. Plus, they can withstand very hot liquids without melting or leaching chemicals into your food.


The zipper seal can be left partially open to vent vapors when steaming veggies or other foods. 


The variety of sizes make it easy to portion your snack consumption.

PRO TIP: Make breakfast overnight oats for each day of the week


Buy in bulk and freeze things like meats, vegetables, soups etc.

PRO TIP: Freeze herbs in an ice cube tray and store them in Zip Tops.



Bring your pills and vitamins on the go by separating them into different colored snack bags.

Diaper Bag

Zip Top containers are a great way to safely store and organize items in your diaper bag. Use different sizes and colors to store your wipes, diaper rash cream, snacks, and medicines.

Cosmetics & toiletries

Zip Top makes it easy to keep your belongings organized and easy to find while travelling. With a variety of sizes to choose from, you can store anything you’d like: Cotton ball or swabs, toothbrush and toothpaste, makeup, and more.

Toys & Games

Whether travelling in the car or a plane, if you have kids it’s very important to ensure they have something to keep them busy. Use Zip Top containers to store small toys or games that will keep them entertained for hours.


Take your pets favorite treats and meals on the go. They can even eat out of the dish!

PRO TIP: Our dish is a perfect travel water bowl for your dog.


Spending a lot of time outdoors? Take Zip Top containers to pack dehydrated meals. When you’re ready to eat, pour boiling water straight into the dish! Keep your utensils clean, store wipes, dry snacks, batteries, soap, and more.

School & Work

Zip Top is a great for your kids school lunch or to pack your own lunch or snacks for work. You can also use them to store erasers, crayons, and other small items for school. 


Craft supplies

Zip Top containers stand up, stay open, and zip close - perfect for any craft room organization. Store markers and other writing utensils in a large cup. You can also store ribbon, beads, sewing supplies, and other small craft supplies in any Zip Top shape.


Zip Top is perfect for storing makeup brushes, sponges, pads, and other beauty items. They’re portable, easy to see what’s inside, and easy to rinse out spills.

PRO TIP: Food grade silicone is nonporous which inhibits bacterial growth.


Playing sports? Use Zip Top to store golf tees, mouthguards, or first aid items; such as bandaids, alcohol pads, scissors and more.


Store seeds in your Zip Top. Use them as flower pots, for cut flowers in lieu of a vase, or for watering plants with easy-pour corners.

Tool Box

Organize your tool box. Keep nuts, bolts, nails, screws, wire, drill bits, and more in clear containers that are easy to find.

PRO TIP: You can use a dry erase marker to write on Zip Tops!


Keep your office space organized by storing pens, paperclips, cords, and more.

And much, much more!


Use Zip Top bags to hold party favors for birthday parties or wedding or baby showers. Instead of gift boxes and wrapping paper, use a Zip Top as a cute, eco-friendly option for gift giving. They are also wonderful for sharing baked goods. 


Are you a collector or shells, rocks, coins, or something else? Use Zip Top containers to hold your precious collection.

We could go on forever, but we will stop there. Please let us know how you use your Zip Top containers!

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