Loot Bath

Loot Toy Co. was founded to make bath time a time for bonding between small kids and their carers.
Born in Vancouver in 2016, our goal has always been to make fun, skin-friendly and eco-aware bath products for the local toy and gift market. We realized that many children struggle with bath time, and many families would benefit from products that make bath time fun and enjoyable for kids and their parents. So, we worked on developing skin-friendly products that would work for all families everywhere.

Our Mission:

We are committed to manufacturing handmade bath products, sourcing materials in North America. We believe in the power of having fun at work, creating fun skin-friendly products to be released in your kids’ bathtub.

Enhancing Family Time:

We create products that enhance the bonding experience between kids and their parents or carers during bath time. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality products that promote healthy skin and encourage your kids to stay in the tub longer.

Handmade Products:

We are very safety conscious about how we work and the ingredients we use in our handmade bath products. All our products are made from vegan and certified non-GMO ingredients that are also food and cosmetic safe. We also do our best to use organic products whenever feasible.

Completely Safety Tested

We safety test everything. None of our products go to market without being approved by the governments in every market or country we are operating in. We also safety test our packaging to make sure that it’s safe for children, especially very young children who love to put everything in their mouths.


Will the colours stain my kid or my bathtub?

The short answer is No! All our colours go through rigorous colour staining tests to make absolutely sure they do not leave a colour residue on bath tub, your towels or your kids. It is for this reason that we only use FDA approved colours that are graded for food, drugs and cosmetics.

My child has eczema. Will loot products cause a flare up?

All Loot products are skin-friendly and have not caused eczemic flare-ups in all our tests. Loot products tend to soften eczemic skin, helping with moisture absorption and often reducing the itchiness associated with dry-skin conditions. However, only Bubble Whoosh CLEAR and Moon Bombs are eczema-safe products as all ingredients are hypo-allergenic. All other products do use fragrance and colour and, as such, we cannot label them as eczema-safe.
We do not any include any known allergens in our products, but there is a very small number kids that will react to any additions to bath water. To be safe, always test on a small patch of skin if you are concerned.

How many different sponge characters are there?

We like to mix it up and change the sponge characters on a regular basis. There are never less that 20 different characters in four colours – green, blue, yellow and red. Sometimes we add orange and purple.
The sponge characters are between 5 and 6.5 centimetres (2 to 2.5 inches) in length. The sponge we use is bacteria resistant.