Re-Play Recycled

About Re-Think It: American Made, Family Owned & Operated Since 1987
Re-Think It, Inc. was founded by husband and wife team Craig and Amy Shumway with the goal of producing high quality, durable, and sustainable consumer goods.
Re-Think It began by producing an all-purpose scrubber called the Original Power Puff, featuring a long handle made out of recycled milk jugs. In 2011, Re-Think It unveiled it's Re-Play line of infant and toddler dishware. Now sold worldwide, the line features affordable, durable, and sustainable children's tableware in a wide color palette, manufactured from recycled, FDA approved, food safe plastic. In 2018, Re-Play expanded it's product offering to include "grown-up" sizing. These exciting additions help transition Re-Play from a children's tableware company to a family tableware company.  In 2019, Re-Play introduced Re-Play ReUSAables - a subline of Re-Play -  product accessories Made in USA but now from Silicone and other materials. In 2020, Re-Play released a softer side color palette, The Naturals Collection, which is more muted Earth-Tone color options for our more Modern families.
All Re-Play and Power Puff products are proudly manufactured, assembled, and tested in the USA. 
Work Culture
Family values and responsibilities are a leading priority at Re-Think It. The company encourages work-life balance and offers employees flexible schedules to support family time and education. Re-Think It's founders believe this balance creates the most productive and rewarding work environment where employees' ideas and input are encouraged and considered in making decisions about the future of the company, both big and small.

About Re-Play: Making Mealtime Family Time

Re-Play was founded on the belief that mealtime is family time. Family owned and operated for over 25 years, Re-Play offers products that are affordable, durable, and sustainable – ensuring you spend less time worrying about mealtime and more time enjoying family time.

Re-Play children's tableware launched in 2011 and is now sold worldwide across varying platforms and verticals. Manufactured in the USA from recycled, food safe plastic, Re-Play sources material and vibrant color concentrates to meet strict FDA & EU purity standards. All Re-Play products are BPA, BPS, PVC, lead, phthalates, surface coatings -free. As of 2019, Re-Play has saved 40 million milk jugs, our primary source for material, from the landfill. 

Re-Play is an American Made operation – all the better for reducing our carbon footprint! Our manufacturing facility is within 150 miles of our packaging and distribution center. From start to finish a Re-Play product travels only 940 miles before being shipped to valued customers like you! For comparison, most conventional plastic goods made in China travel over 12,000 miles! Choosing Re-Play over our competition helps reduce greenhouse gases and saves energy.
In 2018, Re-Play has launched an extension line of "grown-up" products featuring larger versions of our most popular products. The new 9" Plate, 20 oz Bowl, and Divided Tray allow you to grow up with Re-Play products. From diapers to dinner parties, we will always be there.
Fall of 2019 we introduced a sub brand Re-Play ReUSAbles - a lineup of accessories for Re-Play products Made in the USA from new materials like Silicone!   
In 2020, Re-Play released a softer side color palette, The Naturals Collection, which is more muted Earth-Tone color options for our more Modern families.


How do I clean my Re-Play products?

Re-Play products are dishwasher safe. We suggest cleaning our silicone No-Spill valves and Soft Spouts by hand using anti-bacterial soap and warm water.

Are Re-Play products BPA free?

Yes! Re-Play products are made from recycled HDPE and Polypropylene plastics and are BPA and BPS free.  

Are Re-Play products microwave safe?

Yes! Re-Play products have been tested microwave safe. However, use in the microwave may cause staining to the material which is not covered under our manufacturer warranty. We recommend microwaving no more than 20 seconds at a time on Low.

Does Re-Play sell Replacement Parts?

Replacement Parts are available online on our Re-Play store. We understand that valves and spouts will need to be replaced after time.

Does Re-Play offer discounts or coupon codes?

Keep an eye on our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook) and sign up for our newsletter to be informed of our monthly specials!

I am a Daycare, School, or other Non-Profit Organization. Can I purchase Re-Play products at discounted prices?

We love seeing Re-Play at daycares, schools, and other non-profit organizations. Please email and a member of our team will contact you.

Are Re-Play products Phthalate free?

Yes ! Our products are made from Polyethylene and Polypropylene. Some components are made from Silicone. All of these materials are inherently free of phthalates and we do not add any phthalates to our products.