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Buzzee Reusable Sandwich Wrap- Aqua

Buzzee Reusable Sandwich Wrap- Aqua

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Buzzee Wraps are an all natural alternative to plastic wraps and bags. 

Like most families, sandwiches are a staple for us. We realized we were wasting a ton of plastic by individually wrapping or bagging the sandwiches we took on roadtrips, picnics, etc.

Package Includes:

13" square with Coconut Shell Button and Twine


These wraps are specially designed for taking sandwiches on-the-go or storing what’s leftover by using the included twine and a coconut button!


Each Buzzee Wrap is handcrafted with:

Natural Tropical Beeswax

Organic Printed Cotton Fabric (GOTS certified)

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Himalayan Pine Tree Resin

The Buzzee Wrap Do’s and Don’ts:

DO Wash with COOL water and mild dish soap with a soft sponge (especially before your first use) and air dry
DON’T use HEAT or HOT water (dishwasher, microwave, stove top, oven, etc.)
DO use to store food in the fridge
DON’T scrub with abrasive sponges
DO take Buzzee wraps on-the-go!
DON’T use as a cutting board

With proper care your Buzzee Wrap will last from 6 months to two years depending on how frequently you use it.


Recyclable paper sleeve


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