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New! Nada Purple Toothbrush + 2 brush heads

New! Nada Purple Toothbrush + 2 brush heads

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All smiles, no plastic waste – Over 3 billion disposable toothbrushes end up in landfills and oceans every year. Switch to Nada, a beautiful metal handle you keep and premium brush heads we have 100% recycled.

No Plastic Waste

Disposable toothbrushes spend centuries in landfill, releasing toxic chemicals into the environment.

So we made Nada—an aluminum handle you keep for life, and brush heads you return once a year to be completely recycled.

Stop brushing with old germs

Disposable toothbrushes have ridges that collect old toothpaste and bacteria. That’s gross.

Our smooth metal handle lays flat, rinses clean and dries quickly. Plus, the elevated brush head keeps any yuckies away from your bristles.

But will they clean my teeth?

Our tapered bristles reach up to six times deeper along your gums and almost twice as deep between your teeth for a gentle clean that will leave you grinning.

Plus, the built-in tongue scraper keeps your breath fresh.


1 Aluminum Handle

Rinses clean—no toothpaste or bacteria buildup
Lays flat—won’t roll over when you put it down
Reduces plastic waste & infinitely recyclable

3 Replaceable Brush Heads

Soft tapered bristles, for a gentler, deeper clean
Elevated Brush heads won’t touch dirty surfaces
Return to be 100% recycled


Aluminum Handle with brush heads and bristles that are 100% recyclable.


Paper packaging, 100% recyclable


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